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Stay Updated for 2024

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YCAMP 2024 is here! Check out the resources below to register now.

YCAMP 2024 Resource List
Art Fun
Painting Stones

How does YCAMP work?

Youth Climate Action Midsummer Program (YCAMP) is a free, online activity that is hosted every summer. Depending on the specific program, it can range from 3-7 weeks and be in-person or virtual. This year (2024), it will be virtually done through Zoom. Classes are usually 1 hour long and volunteers, called "Camp Counselors", send out emails and texts to parents before each session starts.

When is the next program?

YCAMP 2024 is here and will be hosted from July 16th to July 30th on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It will be hosted on Zoom with times varying from morning to afternoon based on your timezone. You can view our curriculum with timezone conversions above.


Every week, YCAMP gets kids from all around the United States excited about the world and environment around them. To make everything interactive, we also give out free resources and opportunities to earn prizes. In the last two years, we have taught kids about greenhouse gasses, endangered animals, environmental justice, and finding creative ways to help end climate change. If your child is interested in exploring the environment through arts and science, YCAMP is a fun way for kids to do just that!

How do I register multiple students?

To register multiple kids for YCAMP, submit one form for each student.

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