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Stay Updated for 2024

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YCAMP 2023 is over. Please check back for YCAMP 2024 in the spring.


When is the next program?

YCAMP 2023 is over. Please keep an eye out for YCAMP 2024 in the summer!  


Every week, YCAMP gets kids from all around the United States excited about the world and environment around them. To make everything interactive, we also give out free resources and opportunities to earn prizes. In the last two years, we have taught kids about greenhouse gasses, endangered animals, environmental justice, and finding creative ways to help end climate change. If your child is interested in exploring the environment through arts and science, YCAMP is a fun way for kids to do just that!

How do I register multiple students?

To register multiple YCAMPers, submit one form for each child using the above the link in the section above.

What are YCAMP packages?

YCAMP packages are free supplies sent by YCAT's Climate Extracurricular Education department to use throughout the program. For YCAMP 2024, please check back at a later date for more information.

What is Minecraft Education?

YCAMP uses Minecraft Education to make lessons more interactive and impactful. Passwords are sent during 1-2 weeks into the program depending on the amount of students.

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