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YCAT Inc. previously served as the DC, Maryland, Virginia area hub for Youth Climate Action Team national. Previously known as Youth Climate Action Team DMV, the organization was founded by Samir Chowdhury and quickly grew to become the largest hub in the nation, spearheading numerous international and national initiatives along the way including working with the  Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme and organizing a national intersectional lobbying effort. Unfortunately, Youth Climate Action Team national dissolved due to valid, internal reasons, eliminating the organizational infrastructure that Youth Climate Action Team DMV was previously a part of.


Faced with organizational dissolution,  our Board of Directors would not let their countless hours of vigorous organizing and raw passion spent to grow Youth Climate Action Team DMV go to waste and decided to continue their successful efforts independently rather than dissolving similar to the previous national body. Thus, the Board of Directors established Youth Climate Action Team Inc. (YCAT Inc.).  Since then, Youth Climate Action Team Inc. has grown rapidly to an international scale across 5 continents and 27 countries, recruited over 2,000 organizers, reached 300,000+ individuals and achieved 501(c)(4) nonprofit status in the United States in addition to being incorporated. YCAT Inc has had the pleasure to collaborate with the Environmental Protection Agency, United Nations Environment Programme, White House, Harvard Institute of Politics, Stanford School of Medicine, Commonwealth Club, Climate Reality Project, and more.