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Meet The Board of Directors 

Our Board of Directors leads our 7 core teams and 2 subcommittees composed of over 1,200 organizers around the globe!
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Samir Chowdhury

Founder and Executive Director 

Samir is a freshman at Stanford University. Having spent much of his childhood traveling to Bangladesh and witnessing the detriments of climate change on his heritage firsthand, his personal convictions have led him to pursue climate activism and found YCAT. His activism has led him to advise and be publicly honored by EPA Administrator Michael Regan, be invited to speak at the Harvard Institute of Politics, and be featured by various publications.  Fully invested in changing the world for the better, Samir is immensely gratified by the past success of YCAT and the future impact it will cultivate. Learn more about Samir here.

Melat Asmerom

Social Media Director

Melat Asmerom is a senior at McLean High School. In addition to YCAT she is involved in a multitude of other clubs like DECA, Big Mac Program, and McDance-A-Thon at McLean. She is really passionate about social justice and environmental justice and the intersections between those two. As Social Media Director of YCAT, she leads her team to make graphics regarding these intersectional topics on YCAT's Instagram and other platforms. She really enjoy learning more about these climate related topics both inside and outside of YCAT.



Logistics Director

Nastaran Moghimi is a senior at Thomas S. Wootton High School. She is the President of her school’s Model United Nations and Ethics Bowl teams. She also works as a research assistant for a professor at Texas Tech University and has had the opportunity to present her research at the American Meteorological Society on several occasions. Despite her busy schedule, Nastaran finds time to stay up to date with current events, constantly listening to news podcasts and the latest Supreme Court hearings on Oyez. To Nastaran, YCAT is a platform where teenagers can voice any opinions and actively drive change during this existential crisis which affects every single person on this planet.

Vihaan Mathur 

Operations Director and Webmaster

Vihaan is a sophomore at Thomas Jefferson High School, in Alexandria, Virginia. He is an active member of his school's Model United Nations and Ethics Bowl teams where he has developed a passion for speaking and learning about current events. He also co-founded an initiative called Speak to Empower (STEP), which helps young underprivileged students learn about public speaking. He is also Executive Managing Editor for Lenses, a platform where teens voice their opinions through journalism and articles written by teens for teens. As Operations Director for YCAT, he is able to be a change maker and advocate for climate reform while also working to foster a environmentally aware teen population.   

Odessa Zhang 

Communications Director

Odessa is a sophomore at McLean High School in McLean, Virginia. She is passionate about youth activism, specifically through the climate movement. She is the co-founder of the Speak to Empower (STEP) initiative working to cultivate public speaking and leadership skills in marginalized communities. Odessa is also part of her school's National Model United Nations Team, works weekends at her local Kung Fu Tea, and serves as a local tutor in her community. As the Communications Director, she is constantly inspired to continue the fight for climate justice by YCAT's growing success to an international scale.



Logistics Director

Victoria is a sophomore at Thomas Jefferson High School. She is on her school’s varsity volleyball team and policy debate team. In addition to YCAT, Victoria has participated in invasive species removal, stream monitoring, and trash pickup events. She is also the Director of Social Media for BranchOut! which empowers students to explore STEM. During her free time, she enjoys singing, reading, and watching cdramas and is always up to giving book or show recs! Victoria was drawn to YCAT for its youth led advocacy and intersectional initiatives and is excited to be a part of this movement for change.

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Finance Director 

Cynthia Ma is a junior at McLean High School involved in soil and water conservation. She is particularly involved with the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District. Over the summer of 2020, Cynthia worked on a ten-week independent research project with the NVSWCD, and Cynthia will soon be starting a 6-month long environmental stewardship project with the Youth Conservation Leadership Institute. Whether she’s working on her personal environmental blog or interning for the U.S Department of Agriculture, Cynthia always emphasizes the importance of staying curious to look deeper into human interactions with the environment.



Cami Amaya is a sophomore at Hylton High School in Prince William County. At school, she is on the executive board for the center of international studies and language committee and Latin American student association. She contributes her writing to the school newspaper, The Watchdog and WeUnite on Instagram. Outside of these, she tutors elementary school students, frequently practices her Spanish and French, and enjoys playing tennis with friends. As Climate Education Director, she is able to implement environmental awareness in the lives of elementary and middle schools students and volunteers!

Zora Rodgers

Climate Education Director

Zora Rodgers is a senior at McLean High School. She is a CEE Co-Director, and has a passion for social and climate justice advocacy. She loves working with kids, and volunteers with a program called Music Buddies, where she teaches violin lessons. She is also an Executive mentor in her school’s “Big Mac” leadership program, and co-founded a social justice club called SAFE (Students Advocating for Equality). Zora loves public speaking and interacting with people of all age ranges. As Climate Education Director, Zora actively makes and teaches lessons pertaining to climate change that educate the younger generation!

Climate Education Director

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Ben is a junior at Redondo Union High School in Redondo Beach, California. He is especially passionate about social equality, climate justice, and public health.  He is an active member of his school's Model United Nations and Mock Trial teams, writes for his school newspaper, The Teen Magazine, and Lenses, volunteers with the Democratic National Committee, and virtually tutors low-income students. As teens, we have the power to take control of our generation's future and envision a just society that works for us all, and Ben hopes that his involvement in YCAT will prove effective in the effort against climate change and today's injustices.





Jalen is a Junior at Kaiserslautern High School in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Outside of being Co-Press director for YCAT, Jalen spends his time participating in Key Club, DECA, volunteering for the Red Cross, and running track. Jalen is passionate about the voice of teens being heard, and has participated in multiple lobbying events that have encouraged state officials to pass certain legislation regarding climate justice. Working in Press, he has been able to share important topics that relate to the climate crisis. Jalen is honored to be a part of this team, and is excited to spread YCAT’s work to as many people as possible.



Internal Affairs


Max is a sophomore at McLean High School. He participates in his schools Model United Nations team, competes in DECA, and he is a Life Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. His experiences in the outdoors through scouting, volunteering, rowing, and cycling has made him passionate about environmental justice and working to combat climate change. As Internal Affair Director, he plans to help empower high school students around the nation with environmental education and climate justice initiatives.

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Global Affairs 


Lucy is a junior at the Fieldston School in the Bronx, NY. Outside of YCAT, Lucy co-leads both her school's environmental club and the Bronx Youth Climate Summit. She also volunteers with the non-profit Friendship Circle, works on local political campaigns, tutors with Learn to Be, participates in student government, and writes for her school's paper. She is passionate about environmental justice, sustainability, public health, and social equity. In her free time, Lucy enjoys running cross country, baking, painting, and spending time with friends. As Global Affairs Co-Director, she is excited to make connections with people around the world.

Colden Russell

Global Affairs 


Colden is a sophomore at Caldwell Parish High School. In his free time, he serves on his parish and region’s leadership boards, CPHS’s student council, studies the Korean language and culture, and is on the varsity track team. He is the founder of Brighter Through Art, which is a club oriented around using art to educate those in his community on underrepresented issues. Colden’s passion for a sustainable future is what has driven him to become vegan and study environmental justice at Tulane University over the upcoming summer.

Christian Daniels 

Student Network Director

Christian is a junior at Hylton High School. He is PR Director for the International Studies Program and BSU at his school, as well as Vice President of his class. Christian takes pride in founding the African American Culture & History Initiative that has an outreach of over 380,000+! Christian is passionate about being the voice for the greater good. He represented his school in the Human Rights Student Leadership Council, currently serves as a Student Senator for the School Board, leads a county wide student podcast to promote Cultural Awareness teaching, and is a student ambassador for his local delegate. The environmental injustices experienced by his family in Louisiana fueled Christian’s passion to fight against the climate crisis, which is why he is a proud SNC Director for YCAT!